London College of Dance Network 70th Anniversary Reunion

What a wonderful day! 

It was lovely to see so many people at this 70th year reunion, old familiar faces but also very welcome new ones, spanning the decades. There seemed to be a very special atmosphere with people discussing their dance experiences both at college and in their teaching, and the day provided many opportunities to chat to everyone.

A memory table with photos, cloaks, scarves and even an NM tunic sparked many amusing anecdotes and reminders of special times at college.

Delicious food provided additional opportunities to catch up with friends and continue reminiscing. After lunch Veronica Jobbins, MBE gave an inspirational talk, which was thought provoking and entertaining. She shared her personal take of Dance in Education over the past seven decades, including her teaching experiences and special musical choices. We were all able to apply our own thoughts to the many stages that dance education has gone through and how these affected us in our own teaching.

The AGM followed and then we all joined hands and performed a celebratory Farandole!

Finally there was cake and tea! Old student, Pat McCarthy (1949 – 1952) was invited to cut the 70th Anniversary cake, which we all enjoyed with further opportunity for chat.

The spirit of our unique London College training and the wonderful camaraderie between students and staff across the decades, that Jill Henderson referred to in her profile last year, was very much in evidence throughout the day, and I came away with a great sense of pride to belong to such a wonderful, close knit association. Long may it continue!